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This is the place to come for updates and information about Red Cross training and policies that relate to instructors.  You'll also find links to useful forms.  Check back often for updates.

If you have questions, contact Peggy Jimenez, Director of Education Operations, at (860) 678-2836 or email her at [email protected].

New Authorized Provider equipment fees took effect November 1, 2009.  The new reservation form and fee schedule is available below.

A special message from Peggy Jimenez:

Hello Instructors,

I would like to share some exciting new information with all of you.

American Red Cross Statement on Release of Revised CPR Guidelines – On October 18, new ECCU 2010 revised guidelines for CPR and Emergency Cardiac Care were released. We look forward to reviewing the guidelines. We understand that the guidelines focus on the sequence of techniques that occur during CPR and the use of chest compressions. Once our panel of experts fully studies the science behind the guidelines and changes, we will make a determination about what, if any, changes should be made to Red Cross courses. We anticipate the release of new program materials in the Spring of 2011.

As the nation's largest provider of CPR training, the American Red Cross does support the use of hands only CPR for cardiac emergencies which occur outside of a health care setting. If more people learned hands only CPR, we could save more lives by putting more victims within a few steps of lifesaving assistance. That’s why, in addition to reviewing the changes in CPR guidance, the Red Cross soon will announce the details of an initiative to train 5 million people in hands only CPR by the end of 2011.

As soon as we have more information we will share it with you.

What should instructors do with the release of the new guidelines? - The simple answer to this question at this time is nothing. As noted above, national will be reviewing the new guidelines to determine how to incorporate them in our training. Because of this, instructors are asked not to teach changes that you see in the new guidelines until the new materials are released or other direction is provided. As soon as we have more information we will share it with you.

I’m looking forward to learning about the new initiatives as they are released by our National Headquarters and working with our community partners in implementing them. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your patience and understanding in the interim.

Peggy Jimenez
Director, Education Operations
American Red Cross Connecticut Chapter

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