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Introduction to Disaster Services
Learn the role of the American Red Cross in planning, preparedness, and responding to disasters in our communities. Course highlights Disaster Services' structure and describes how/where volunteers fit into the picture. Pre-requisite for all other Disaster training.

Communications/1111 Vehicle Workshop
Learn how to operate the Chapter's communication equipment and the role of vehicle #1111. Course provides hands-on experience with radios and elements of vehicle #1111. Vehicle driving instruction will be provided from 1:00 � 5:00 p.m. for those who'd like to become qualified drivers.

Damage Assessment
Participants will learn how Damage Assessment supports disaster relief operations and how to write clear and accurate descriptions of disaster-caused damage to structures.

Disaster Health Services Overview
The purpose of this course is to describe the activities and service settings of the DHS function. Participants will learn the resources and protocols that assist DHS staff.

Disaster Mental Health Overview
Participants will be introduced to the role of Disaster Mental Health Services and how DMHS supports disaster relief workers and those affected by disasters.

Family Services: Providing Emergency Assistance
Participants will learn the skills and tools needed to conduct an effective client interview and how to provide basic emergency assistance to those who've experienced a disaster.

First Aid, Adult CPR & AED
Current CPR/First Aid certification is a requirement for all disaster volunteers. Please check your cards to make sure that you are current. New volunteers should definitely plan on taking this course.

Mass Care: An Overview
This course covers the basic information about the activities of Mass Care and the skills and abilities needed by those working in this function.

Shelter Operations/Simulation
Participants will learn how to plan for, open and operate a shelter. Simulation in the afternoon will provide hands-on application of elements learned in Operations.

Supervision in Disaster Services
This course is an advanced level disaster course with specific pre-requisites. For more information regarding attending, please contact Lee Franklin @ 203-869-8444 ext. 115. This course will be held at the Greater New York City Chapter in Manhattan.

**All courses unless otherwise noted will be held at 99 Indian Field Road. Participants must register 5 business days in advance by calling 203-869-8444, Disaster Services