Young People Making a Difference -
Here's How

Click the Red Cross services that sound interesting, and you'll see a list of the volunteer and community service opportunities most likely to appeal to you.  Of course, you'll want more information so we provided a chapter locator to make it easier to get in touch with you're local Red Cross.


Health & Safety Services   HM00330_.WMF (3186 bytes)

Teach younger kids how to swim.  Take a babysitters couse.  Learn first aid and CPR, and you'll be prepared for emergencies you never thought you'd face.   Who knows?  You could save a life someday.  One high school student recently saved a friend's life on a camping trip just two weeks after he took a first aid course!

Disaster Services   NA01635_.WMF (6776 bytes)

House and apartment fires, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornados, hazardous materials spills, air and train crashes, name it, we're there when Help Can't Wait!  You can help your commuity prevent and prepare for some disasters before they strike.....and work in "the heart of the action" as a disaster relief volunteer.  It's challanging, it's rewarding, and it may be for you!

International Services  NA00596_.WMF (16776 bytes)

We have a very serious mission - to ease human suffering whenever and wherever we find it.  And, by helping people around the world when they're affected by war and disaster, the Red Cross promotes global understanding and peace.  Put your idealism and enthusiasm to work, and you'll make a real difference in today's world.

Biomedical Services  HM00372_.WMF (2076 bytes)

Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood.  We work hard to make sure that essential blood is available but, sometimes, blood is in short supply in many communities.  Even if you can't give blood yourself, you can help recruit others to give the gift of life or volunteering at a local blood drive!

Armed Forces
FL00022_.WMF (6032 bytes)
Emergency Services 

Working with members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families is a vital part of the work of the Red Cross.  Many of our volunteers are young people from military families, themselves.  How about you?

Community Innovations    DD00649_.WMF (30128 bytes)

Are you full of ideas?  Do you enjoy new projects?  You can work with your local Red Cross to develop community service projects and programs that meet the special needs of your neighbors as individuals or with your group. It's a great way to make a difference!