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Health and Safety Courses


CPR, First Aid, Connecticut Child Care, Babysitting, Automated External Defrillation
Disaster Training Courses


Introduction to Disaster, Mass Care, Records and Reports, Disaster Health Services, Damage Assesment, Shelter Operations
International Services Training Courses


Orientation to International Services, International Humanitarian Law, International Social Services & Tracing, International Relief & Development


Health and Safety Course Descriptions
Note: Not all chapters offer every course.  Check your local chapter's Health & Safety calander for details.


Adult CPR This course teaches how to reduce the risk pf injury or death by indentifying breathing and cardiac emergencies and administering appropriate aid to victims 8 years of age or older.  Skills taught and practiced include rescue breathing, first aid for choking, and one-rescuer CPR.
Infant/Child CPR This course teaches how to reduce the risk of injury or death by properly indentifying breathing and cardiac emergencies and administering aid to infants and children younger than 8 years.  Skills taught and practiced include rescue breathing, first aid for choking, and one-rescuer CPR.
Community CPR This course teaches how to reduce the risk of injury or death by properly recognizing breathing and cardiac emergenices and administering the appropriate aid to victims of all ages.  Skills taught and practiced include rescue breathing, first aid for choking, and one-rescuer CPR.
CPR for the Professional Rescuer This course teaches how to recognize and provide care in respiratory and cardiac emergencies for adults, children, and infants, with special emphasis on two-rescuer CPR and the use of the resuscitation mask and bag-valve mask; as well as basic anatomy and medical/legal issues.   Techniques for minimizing the risk of disease transmission, and special rescue situations are included.  While this course is focused on those who have a duty to respond in life-threatening emergencies (ex. lifeguards, firefighters, and security personnel), it is open to all.
Automated External Defibrillation Specialized training for traditional and nontraditional first responders, such as law enforcement personnel, fire fighters, EMS personnel, lifeguards, flight attendants, and "in house" response teams at businesses, fitness centers, restaurants, etc.  This course focuses on the basics of automated external defibrillation, the role of CPR in cardiac arrest situations; skills for safetely using an automated external defibrillator (AED); and special considerations when using an AED. 
Community First Aid and Safety This course is the most comprehensive First Aid & CPR course for the general public.  Topics covered include; recognizing and caring for breathing and cardiac emergenices in adults, infants, and children; heart disease prevention; and identifying and caring for life-threatening bleeding, sudden illness and injuries.
Standard First Aid This course wil train individuals to recognize and care for life-threatening situations such as respitoary or cardiac problems, sudden illness, and injury in adults.  This course is designed to prepare students for health emergencies that may occur in the workplace.  It meets OSHA requirements for adult CPR and first aid training.
Sports Safety Training with Adult CPR This course provides individuals with the knowledge and skils to provide a safe environment for athletes while they are participating in sports and, in and emergency, to help sustain life and minimize the consequences of injury until medical help arrive.  This course meets the State Departments of Education's first aid training requirement for school coaches.
Connecticut Child Care This course teaches adults to administer First Aid and Infant/Child CPR, prevent injuries, and recognize communicable diseases in children.  It meets state training requirements for family and center day care staff; but it is also appropriate for parents, grandparents, and child care givers.
Babysitting Youth learn how to care for children including preventing injuries and what to do in an emergency.  They also learn job-hunting skills, how to do the job well, and how to enjoy and learn from the experience.


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COURSE #3212 FEE: $36.00
Learn rescue breathing and choking, one-rescuer CPR and how to recognize a heart attack.  Adult CPR certification valid one year.  No prerequisites. 4 HOURS. CEUs: 0.4
DATES                          HOURS                   CLASS ID                     LOCATION
July 13                            6-10 p.m.                    9330                             Wallingford 
August 10                       6-10 p.m.                    9311                              New Haven 
September 28 & 29         6-8 p.m.                      9331                          Cheshire High School

COURSE #3212R FEE: $25.00
A copy of your current Adult CPR certification must be presented with registration.  If you wish to be recertified in Adult CPR and Infant/Child CPR (Community CPR), the fee is $35.00. 
DATES                        HOURS                   CLASS ID                      LOCATION
July 7                           6-8 p.m.                        9332                              Wallingford
July 21                         6-8 p.m.                        9312                               New Haven
August 10                    6-8 p.m.                        9333                               Wallingford 
August 25                    6-8 p.m.                        9313                               New Haven
September 1                 6-8 p.m.                        9334                               Wallingford 
September 28               6-8 p.m.                        9314                               New Haven

COURSE #3210 FEE: $40.00
Recognizing and caring for choking, breathing and cardiac emergencies in children and infants. Infant/Child certification valid one year. No prerequisites.  4� HOURS. CEUs: 0.5
DATES                  HOURS                       CLASS ID                             LOCATION
August 18                 5:30 - 10 p.m.                  9335                                  Wallingford
September 7             5:30 - 10 p.m.                   9315                                  New Haven 

COURSE #3210R FEE: $25.00
A copy of your current Infant/Child CPR certification must be presented with registration.  If you wish to be recertified in Adult CPR and Infant/Child CPR (Community CPR), the fee is $35.00.
DATES                  HOURS                       CLASS ID                            LOCATION
July 7                       8-10 p.m.                          9336                                Wallingford
July 21                      8-10 p.m.                         9302                                 New Haven
August 10                 8-10 p.m.                         9337                                 Wallingford
August 25                 8-10 p.m.                         9303                                 New Haven
September 1             8-10 p.m.                         9338                                 Wallingford
September 28           8-10 p.m.                         9304                                 New Haven

COURSE #3213 FEE: $46.00
Combined Adult and Infant/Child CPR content. Community CPR certification valid for one year. No prerequisites.
7 HOURS. CEUs: 0.7
DATES                   HOURS                       CLASS ID                           LOCATION
July 13 & 14             6-10 p.m.                       9305                                   New Haven 
August 11 & 12        6-10 p.m.                       9339                                   Wallingford
August 21                9 a.m. - 4 p.m.                9306                                   New Haven
September 18           9 a.m.- 4 p.m.                 9340                                  Wallingford 
September 22 & 23   6-10 p.m.                       9307                                   New Haven

COURSE #3213R FEE: $35.00
A copy of your current Community CPR certification  must be presented with registration. 4 HOURS.
DATES                      HOURS                     CLASS ID                            LOCATION
July 7                          6-10 p.m.                       9341                                  Wallingford
July 21                        6-10 p.m.                       9308                                   New Haven
August 10                   6-10 p.m.                       9342                                   Wallingford
August 25                   6-10 p.m.                       9309                                   New Haven
September 1                6-10 p.m.                      9343                                   Wallingford
September 28              6-10 p.m.                      9310                                   New Haven

COURSE #3214           FEE: $76.00
Includes Community CPR and CPR for the Professional Rescuer: two man CPR, use of pocket mask and bag valve mask.  Pocket mask is included. 
DATES                      HOURS                    CLASS ID                             LOCATION
August 23 & 24           5:30 - 10 p.m.                9344                                   Wallingford

COURSE #3214R FEE:  $35.00
A copy of your current CPR/FPR certification  must be presented with registration.  4 1/2 HOURS.
DATES                        HOURS                  CLASS ID                               LOCATION
July 1                             5:30 -10 p.m.              9281                                     New Haven
August 31                      5:30 -10 p.m.              9345                                     Wallingford

COURSE #9890 FEE:  $35.00
This course will teach owners of dogs and cats how to prevent, prepare for, and respond to a variety of pet emergencies.  Participants will learn how to recognize signs of illness, control bleeding, how to treat injuries and burns, CPR, how to put together a first aid kit and much more! 
DATES                        HOURS                 CLASS ID                                  LOCATION
September 14                 6-10 p.m.                    9349                                      Wallingford

COURSE #3218 FEE: $55.00
Combined Community CPR and Standard First Aid content. Two certifications include: Community CPR valid one year and Standard First Aid valid three years. When class is held in two sessions, attendance is required at both sessions to receive certification. No prerequisites. 9 HOURS. CEUs: 0.9
DATES                        HOURS                   CLASS ID                                 LOCATION
July 28 & 29                   5:30 – 10 p.m.              9282                                      New Haven
August 14                       8:30 a.m. -5:30 p.m.      9347                                      Wallingford
August 25 & 26               5:30 – 10 p.m.              9348                                      Wallingford
August 28                       8:30 a.m. -5:30 p.m.      9284                                       New Haven
September 8 & 9             5:30 – 10 p.m.              9285                                       New Haven
September 25                  8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.       9286                                       New Haven

COURSE #3207 FEE: $47.00
Combines Adult CPR with standard first aid skills to respond to emergency situations. 7 HOURS. CEUs: 0.7
DATES                        HOURS                  CLASS ID                                  LOCATION
July 24                           9-4 p.m.                       9287                                      New Haven
July 31                           9-4 p.m.                       9350                                      Wallingford
August 18 & 19              6-10 p.m.                     9288                                      New Haven
September 8 & 9            6-10 p.m.                     9351                                      Wallingford
September 18                 9-4 p.m.                      9289                                       New Haven

 Train to be a nurse assistant.

 *Day and Evening classes available
 * Three convenient locations (Bridgeport, New Haven, Seymour)
 * Classes are ongoing
 * Flexible payment plans available

COURSE #9119P, 3210  FEE: $65.00
Instructs adults in how to administer first aid and Infant/Child CPR, how to prevent accidents and injuries, how to recognize communicable diseases, child abuse, Lyme disease and how to respond to such situations.  This course is approved by the State of Connecticut for licensed home day care providers.  Also appropriate for parents of young children, nursery school teachers and camp counselors.  Two certifications include:  INFANT/CHILD CPR valid one year and CONNECTICUT CHILD CARE valid three years.  No prerequisites.  8 hours.           CEUs:0.8
DATES                      HOURS                                CLASS ID                               LOCATION
July 7 & 8                     6-10 p.m.                                 3210*9290 
                                                                                   9119P*9291                          New Haven
 July 17                         9 a.m.-5pm                              3210*9292 
                                                                                   9119P*9293                          New Haven
July 20 & 21                  6-10 p.m.                                3210*9352 
                                                                                   9119P*9353                          Wallingford
August 7                       9 a.m. -5 p.m.                          3210*9294 
                                                                                   9119P*9295                          New Haven
August 11 & 12             6-10 p.m.                                3210*9296
                                                                                  9119P*9297                           New Haven
August 21                     9 a.m.-5 p.m.                          3210*9354 
                                                                                  9119P*9355                            Wallingford
September 1 & 2           6-10 p.m.                                3210*9298 
                                                                                  9119P*9299                           New Haven
September 25                9 a.m-5 p.m.                           3210*9356
                                                                                  9119P*9357                            Wallingford
September 29 & 30       6-10 p.m.                                3210*9300
                                                                                  9119P*9301                           New Haven

COURSE #3130 FEE: $25.00
Teaches children ages 11 and up how to care for young children and babies, what to do when a problem arises, how to find a babysitting job, how to negotiate a fee, and other issues concerning babysitting.  Also appropriate for children who have younger siblings.  Students must attend both sessions.

DATES                       HOURS                                 CLASS ID                            LOCATION
July 17 & 24                 9 a.m. -1 p.m.                         9346                                     Wallingford


If you enjoy people or have a teaching or child care background.....The American Red Cross is looking for someone like you.  Instructors are needed to teach out in the community, during the day at workplace sites, and at your local Red Cross Chapter.  Call the Health Services department and ask about the instructor incentive plan. 

COURSE #3007 FEE: $25.00
This is a required course for all American Red Cross Instructor Candidates prior to their training.  Course content includes teaching techniques, course administration, Red Cross policy and procedures, evaluation, etc.
DATES                     HOURS                           CLASS ID#                                  LOCATION
September 13              6 - 10 p.m.                            9316                                        New Haven

COURSE #3218I  FEE: $75.00
Prerequisites:  Candidate must possess a current First Aid & CPR certificate or have the ability to pass a written and skills test.  Candidate must also possess an Instructor Candidate Training certificate.
All sessions must be attended for successful completion. CEUs:  1.6
DATES                           HOURS                      CLASS ID#                                  LOCATION
September 14, 15, 20, 21    6 - 10 p.m                        9317                                        New Haven