Disaster Services
The American Red Cross provides disaster-related services before, during, and after disasters strike. Thanks to the generosity of the American people, all Red Cross disaster relief assistance is provided free to those in need, based on verified disaster-caused needs.

Before a Disaster Strikes

  • Volunteer Training
    The Red Cross trains thousands of volunteers so that they are ready to help when disaster strikes.
  • Volunteer Coordination
    The Red Cross coordinates its action disaster teams to assist at disaster sites, such as fires, floods etc.

During a Disaster

  • Disaster welfare inquiries
      People trying to locate family members in an area affected by a major disaster should contact the local Red Cross for help.
  • Mass Care
The Red Cross provides temporary shelter and food for people who have been forced from their homes when a disaster strikes.
  • Emergency Financial Assistance
The Red Cross provides direct financial assistance to disaster victims.
  • Mental Health Services
This Red Cross service provides victims with immediate crisis counseling by volunteer mental health professionals.
  • Damage Assessment
As soon as it is safe, the Red Cross sends specially trained damage assessment teams into affected areas to determine how much support will be needed, where it will be needed, and how desperate the needs are.

After a disaster
  • Coordination of Community Resources
The Red Cross coordinates local community groups and agencies to ensure that every available resource is made accessible to victims and their families in the aftermath of a disaster.
  • Long Term Assistance
Red Cross long-term assistance to victims can include building and home repair and ongoing family services, as deemed appropriate to need.