American Red Cross

Southeastern Fairfield County Chapter

158 Brooklawn Avenue

Bridgeport, connecticut 06604-2012

Tel: (203) 576-1010

Fax: (203) 576-0080

E-mail: [email protected]

These are the classes we offer. To see the schedule of the class click on the link.

Adult CPR - (Valid 1 year) Fee: $40.00 (includes book)

Review Class (Adult CPR valid 1 year)- Participants MUST hold a valid CPR certification Fee:$30.00 (Book not included)

*NEW CLASS* Automated External Defibrillation (Valid 1 year) - Includes Adult CPR and AED) - This class will help participants become familiar with the use of AED's for victims of cardiac arrest and how to safely operate the device.
Fee: $55.00 (includes books)

Community CPR (valid 1 year)- Adult CPR 8 years and older) Infant CPR birth 1 year old, Child CPR 1-8 years old
Fee: $55.00 (includes books)

REVIEW CLASS (COMMUNITY CPR-- valid 1 year) - Participants MUST hold a valid Community CPR certification. Fee: $35.00 (book not included)

Infant & Child CPR ONLY (valid 1 year)- Includes CPR for Infants birth- 1 year old, Child 1-8 years old
Fee: $40.00 (includes book)

REVIEW CLASS (INFANT & CHILD CPR ONLY - valid 1 year) Must hold a valid Infant & Child CPR certification.
Fee: $30.00 (book not included)

COMMUNITY FIRST AID AND SAFETY - Includes Adult, Infant, Child CPR (valid for 1 year) and First Aid basics ( valid for 3 years) Classes are given in one day or are separated into three evenings. Fee: $65.00 (includes book)

STANDARD FIRST AID- Includes Adult CPR (valid for 1 year) and First Aid (valid for 3 years) Meets OSHA requirements for first aid training and State Department of Education for school coaches.
Fee: $50.00 (includes book)

FIRST AID BASICS (valid for 3 years) - To register for this course- choose either the second evening of a Standard First Aid Class or the third evening of a Community First Aid & Safety Class. Learn how to respond to injury or sudden illness, control bleeding, care for muscle, bone & joint injuries and treat burns. This course does not meet the State of Connecticut requirements for family and center day care staff. Fee: $30.00

CPR FOR THE PROFESSIONAL RESCUER (valid for 1 year) - This course is for lifeguards, RNs, EMT's etc. who have a job- related "duty to respond" to emergencies. Skills are taught with special emphasis on rescue breathing & CPR using one & two person rescuer Resuscitation Mask and Bag-Valve Mask.
Fee: $70.00 (includes book and pocket mask)

REVIEW CLASS (CPR for the PROFESSIONAL RESCUER - valid 1 year) - Participants MUST hold a valid certification at time of class. Fee: $40.00 (Pocket Mask & Book NOT INCLUDED)

CT CHILD CARE- Teaches adults to administer First Aid (certification valid for 3 years) and Infant & Child CPR (certification valid for 1 year), How to Prevent Injuries, and Recognize Communicable Diseases in Children & Infants. The CT Child Care Course meets the State of Connecticut training requirements for family and Day Care Center Staff for Child Care Licensure. Fee: $65.00 (includes 2 books)

BABYSITTERS TRAINING (Minimum Age 11)- teaches young people 11-15 years old to become responsible babysitters. Fee: $30.00 (includes book)


(individuals must be 17 years of age to be an instructor)



FUNDAMENTALS OF INSTRUCTOR TRAINING: This course is required for Instructor Candidates and addresses Student Behavior, the learning, teaching methods, communications, administrative functions and orientation to American Red Cross. Fee: $30.00 (includes book)

CPR & FIRST AID INSTRUCTOR TRAINING: Prerequisite I.C.T & Community First Aid & Safety
Fee: $70.00 (includes book)