Be Red Cross Ready
Get a kit. Make a plan. Be informed

Disasters can strike quickly and without warning.  You can prepare yourself and your loved ones to respond to a variety of disasters, from a hurricane to a heart attack.

This preparedness education program consists of an online education resource, community presentations and print materials, and a line of preparedness products.  This program is designed to help individuals, families and their communities get ready for a variety of emergencies.

There are three actions everyone can take that can help make a difference…

Get a Kit.
Make a Plan
Be Informed
  • I have an emergency preparedness kit.
  • I have a family disaster plan and have practiced it.
  • I know what emergencies or disasters are most likely to occur in my community.
  • At least one member of my household is trained in first aid and CPR/AED.

Our Web site has the information and contacts you’ll need to be Red Cross Ready.

Check our online store for emergency preparedness kits or read about how to build your own.

Learn about important elements of a household preparedness plan

Get disaster-specific preparedness information.

Visit our online course catalogue and register for a course in CPR and First Aid.

Check out our informative, interactive presentation on being Red Cross Ready.