Safe Steps for Winter Weather


STEP ONE - Wind Chill
Winter temperatures can be deceiving.  Thermometers measure only the cold.  The combined effect of winter cold and wind speed is called Wind Chill.

The dangerous effects of wind chill rise as the temperature drops and the wind increases.

STEP TWO - Winter Dress
To avoid a chill, try to stay warm and dry.  Layering clothes helps prepare you for different conditions and activities.

Use three essential layers:
    - underwear
    - insulation
    - outer shell

STEP THREE - Walks and Driveways
Accidental deaths occur most frequently in January, when an estimated 1,000 people die from falls outside the house.
When the weather turns nasty:
    - act early
    - remove ice and provide traction to keep walkways safe
    - clear a wide path
STEP FOUR - Shoveling
Shoveling demands heavy physical exertion.  The strain from the cold and hard labor may cause a heart attack.
If you must shovel, remember to:
    - take it slow, do it carefully
    - lift small amounts, especially when removing heavy snow, slush or ice
    - use proper posture to prevent back strain.  Keep your back straight, and lift gently from the knees and hips.  Stop if you feel pain or become short of breath.

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