The American Red Cross, Milford Chapter is now offering area residents the chance to show their support for U.S. Servicemen stationed overseas.

Treasures for Troops is a nationwide Red Cross program aimed at providing packages for our Armed Forces  for the holidays and throughout the year.

A Treasures for Troops gift package costs $20.00, shipping is included in the cost.  It is filled with entertaining and useful items.
Each holds a deck of cards, a book of crossword puzzles, snacks, games, suntan lotion, tissues, a Hackey Sack ball, moist towelettes, a hand-held fan and a multi-tool.  This comes packaged in a lightweight, durable, reusable American Red Cross travel bag.  Every bag also has an acknowledgement card that the gift is made possible through the generosity of the American people.  A sample package can be seen below or at the Milford Chapter.
One hundred percent of the proceeds raised for Treasures for Troops will be used for the program.
Donations, of any amount, may be sent to the American Red Cross, Milford Chapter, 1 Plymouth Place, PO Box 390, Milford, CT 06460.
For more information, call the Milford Chapter at (203) 874-2531 or email us at [email protected].

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