March is Red Cross Month

Anyone who drives through the center of Milford during the month of March will certainly know that something special is going on with the Red Cross!  Once again, the Red Cross flags surround our beautiful Green and blow in the March breezes, providing a dramatic and inspiring reminder to the community that the Red Cross is here - every day, ready to help. 

The Red Cross Flags, you see displayed around the Green in downtown Milford during Red Cross Month, are a wonderful way to honor or remember a friend or loved one, or to celebrate a special occasion.  Your donation of $50.00 buys a 36 x 60 flag which will fly proudly on the Green during the month of March.


There is a place

 America is a special place, where someone you may not know will give you their blood, save you from drowning or provide you with shelter.  In 1943, President Roosevelt recognized the American Red Cross as a true reflection of that humanitarian, volunteer spirit and proclaimed March as Red Cross Month, a tradition that has been honored by every president since.  The Milford Chapter of the American Red Cross has dedicated this month to recognizing some of the countless people who make the lifesaving work of the Red Cross possible in Milford, Connecticut.

 Although hurricanes and tsunamis make headlines, the day-to-day work of the Red Cross is centered on communities like ours and done by volunteers.  This year, 679 of our neighbors volunteered a cumulative 40,526 hours through the Red Cross.  In honor of their service to our community, we salute the Volunteers of the Milford Chapter.

 None of this would be possible without the generous help of donors and supporters.

 Through the American Red Cross, there is a place families can turn to for food, shelter and comfort, when fires and other emergencies strike.

 As chairman of our local Red Cross, I believe we can take great pride in what we’ve done together.  Thanks to your support of the Red Cross, there was a place where 3039 of our neighbors could go to learn first aid and CPR, and even how to save lives with automatic external defibrillators (AEDS).  This year, the Red Cross was also the place where 31 families separated by military service were able to stay connected and exchange messages about family emergencies.  And 3,112 units of blood were donated and your neighbors chose Red Cross as the place to give blood, the gift of life.

 Much has changed since that first Red Cross Month in 1943.  But one thing has not.  Milford, Connecticut is still a place where neighbors help neighbors, and your support of our Red Cross is a true reflection of that spirit.  Together, we can save a life.

 Howard B. Treat, Jr.

Chapter Chair




Whereas, America has always been a place of humanitarian action and compassion...a place where people take care of each other and are always willing to reach out and take care of others in need, whether they are down the block or around the globe. That American desire to put our compassion into action is deeply rooted in the character of Milford, CT. The Milford Chapter of the American Red Cross is a true reflection of that character; and

Whereas, the Milford Chapter of the American Red Cross has an unparalleled record of helping our residents prevent, prepare for, and respond to life-threatening emergencies by delivering relief services to victims of disaster and/or offering health and safety training such as first aid, CPR and AED to individuals. In 2004, they provided services to thirty-one military families, collected 3,112 units of blood and received 40,526 volunteer hours from the citizens of Milford. More than $155,000 was raised through the Milford Chapter alone for tsunami relief on the other side of the world; and

Whereas, in Milford, we may not all look the same, dress the same or sound the same, but we share a common spirit that binds us together when times are tough and unites us into action when someone is suffering. Like a mirror on Milford, the Red Cross shows us the best possible reflection of ourselves.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JAMES L. RICHETELLI, JR., MAYOR OF THE CITY OF MILFORD, CT to commemorate these valuable and critical humanitarian services and in tribute to the selfless men and women who donate their time to this volunteer agency, by virtue of the authority in me, do hereby proclaim March, 2005 as


in Milford, and urge all our citizens to join me in supporting the American Red Cross' noble humanitarian mission with a gift of time, blood or money. Together, we can save lives and make our town and country a safer, better place.

Signed by:

James L. Richetelli, Jr., Mayor, City of Milford




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