March is Red Cross Month

Anyone who drives through the center of Milford during the month of March will certainly know that something special is going on with the Red Cross!  Once again, the Red Cross flags surround our beautiful Green and blow in the March breezes, providing a dramatic and inspiring reminder to the community that the Red Cross is here - every day, ready to help. 

The Red Cross Flags, you see displayed around the Green in downtown Milford during Red Cross Month, are a wonderful way to honor or remember a friend or loved one, or to celebrate a special occasion.  Your donation of $50.00 buys a 36 x 60 flag which will fly proudly on the Green during the month of March.



Now, therefore, I, James L. Richetelli, Jr., Mayor of the city of Milford, Connecticut, in gratitude of the critical service which the Red Cross provides to the people of our community, and in tribute to the selfless men and women who donate their time to this volunteer agency, do hereby proclaim March, 2004 as

American Red Cross Month

in Milford, and urge all our citizens to join me in supporting the American Red Cross' noble humanitarian mission with a gift of time, blood or money.  Together, we can save lives and make our town a safer, better place.

James L. Richetelli, Jr.

Mayor, City of Milford, Connecticut

Community Campaign 2004

Do you ever wonder who's being helped by your donation to the Milford Chapter of the American Red Cross?  It might be the 11 year old boy who has leukemia and needs periodic blood transfusions or...

...the wife of the soldier in Iraq who wants to tell him he's just become a daddy

...your neighbor who needs a ride to the VA Hospital for a medical appointment

...the family that was driven into the cold by the fire that tore through their house

...or the wife whose husband's Red Cross first aid/CPR training saved her from choking.

Hundreds of volunteers and members of our community have given their time, talents, and generosity to help those who look to the Red Cross for help.  As a result, the Milford Chapter provided services to more than 9,000 people last year.

But we can't do this without you.  You are the one who helps us make these things happen through your contribution to Community Campaign 2004.  Your one gift will make a world of difference to over 9,000 people this year.

I  hope I can rely on you to join me in making a donation to Community Campaign 2004.  As we all know, it's never a question of "if" our help and support will be needed - but when.

We are counting on your participation in Community Campaign 2004.  And remember, the Milford community and those we serve are all counting on us.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.


Howard B. Treat, Jr.

Chapter Chair








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