When war, upheaval or natural disaster disrupts normal communication, the Red Cross springs into action. Its array of international social services brings hope and help to those whose world has spun out of control.
International Services initiatives focus on four priority areas:
  • Primary Health Care
  • Emergency  Response and Preparedness
  • Restoring Family Links
  • Dissemination of International Humanitarian Law

The American Red Cross works with a global network of Red Cross, Red Crescent and equivalent societies to restore hope and dignity to the world's vulnerable people. This international Red Cross movement brings emergency relief to disaster victims, and improves basic living conditions of those in chronically deprived areas of the world.   More


Guided by our seven Fundamental Principles Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality the American Red Cross partners with countless organizations in the efficient and effective relief of human suffering and the empowerment of people with the skills they need to help themselves.

Locating Missing loved ones

Kigali. Family reunion under the aegis of the ICRC.
The American Red Cross works with other national societies to trace family members in the midst of war, civil unrest, or disaster in other countries. Requests are accepted from the South Central Connecticut Chapter. Depending on the circumstances, searches may continue for months or years and may end with the confirmed death of a relative or a joyous reunion

Exchanging Family Messages

Sierra Leone, Freetown. A displaced person receives a Red Cross message from her family.
When regular channels of communication are severed during war, the South Central Connecticut Chapter provides assistance for separated family members to exchange messages. We provide the link to families caught in conflict around the world. Red Cross messages may originate with someone in the community, often a recent immigrant or refugee, who requests assistance in communicating with a loved one. Also, the chapter may deliver messages from almost anywhere in the world. Thanks to this global network, civilians, prisoners of war, detainees, and their loved ones are less alone

Making international disaster relief inquiries

Moquegua, in the San Francisco neighborhood. Angelica Castillos, suffering from psychological trauma, is being comforted by Virginia Laino, the Federation delegate.
When earthquakes, severe storms, and other natural disasters strike, normal lines of communication may be disrupted for some time. Families in the U.S. who are anxious about the welfare of relatives in a disaster-stricken area can call on the Red Cross. When the national society of the country where the disaster occurred is able to accept inquiries, information will be channeled back to local Red Cross chapters.