American Red Cross Cautions of Insect Dangers


Though nature is a beautiful thing, the American Red Cross wants to make residents aware of some basic tips to make certain everyone is safe when it comes to playing outdoors.  Whether it is camping, hiking, or just a stroll around the local park, insects are lurking near by.  Some insects carry life threatening diseases.  These simple tips can ensure everyone can enjoy the great outdoors safely.
Insect Safety Tips
  • Wear the right clothes - Light colored clothes are best.  Try to cover all of your skin with long sleeved shirts and long pants.  Hats are also a superb idea.
  • Secure clothing - Securing your clothing prevents insects from crawling underneath. Pant legs and shirt cuffs can be secured with rubber bands or tape.
  • Watch where you are walking - Avoid tall grass and underbrush.  These are prime spots for ticks to hide.
  • Use insect repellent - Follow company's directions on use.  Be sure to read cautionary statements on the label.  Follow special precautions when using on children.
  • Use extra care when outdoors for prolonged time - After being outdoors for a long period, inspect yourself for ticks or have someone else do it.  Shower immediately after coming indoors.
  • Pets need help too - Use a special repellent made just for your animal on pets that frequent the outdoors and apply as directed.  Be sure to check all pets for ticks often.

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