Hurricane Isabel, North Carolina

                                          September 2003 (Page 3)

Five-year-old Shawnquavius Hinton reaches for a snack from Red Cross ERV driver Jerry Camp when the relief team made a stop in Tarboro, North Carolina, after Hurricane Isabel. September 2003.

In a Red Cross shelter in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Sarah Mogk shows her appreciation, Her family rode out Hurricane Isabel in the safety of the shelter, which was set up in a high school gymnasium. September 18. 2003.

Virginia Whitehead was all smiles when she received hot meals from the Red Cross ERV that came to Tarboro, a rural North Carolina community that was still without power several days after Hurricane Isabel swept through. September 2003.

Kellie Wilkins of Tarboro, North Carolina, stands by as Bonnie Gillespie boosts Silence Hinton up to the food service window of an ERV that came through Tarboro after Hurricane Isabel. September 2003.

Paul De La Cruz helps board up the windows of Todd Swain’s home in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, before Hurricane Isabel arrives. September 18, 2003.

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