Hurricane Isabel, North Carolina

                                     September 2003 (Page 2)


In front of his destroyed home, Sean O'Dea, a resident of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, talks about Hurricane Isabel with a Red Cross worker. September 2003

In Kill Devil Hills, a caravan of utility trucks travels down the main road in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, beginning the mammoth task of restoring power to the towns darkened by Hurricane Isabel. September 2003.

In Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, these mobile homes were broken in two by Hurricane Isabel. September 2003.

The Red Cross mobile kitchen was able to provide meals for those in need in the Williamston, North Carolina area after Hurricane Isabel. September 2003.

In Williamston, North Carolina, Red Cross ERV team members Barbara Smith of Whittier, N.C., and Ellie Grieshaber of Asheville, N.C., prepare their Emergency Response Vehicle to deliver food to families without electricity. September 2003.

In Williamston, North Carolina, a Red Cross worker prepares food to distribute to residents left without power, or even homes, after Hurricane Isabel. September 2003.


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