Hurricane Isabel, North Carolina

                                          September 2003 (Page 1)


Dozens of boarded-up businesses like this one along Virginia Beachís Atlantic Avenue could serve as target practice for Hurricane Isabelís powerful winds.

Red Cross workers Nancy Retherford and Liz Longshore administer first aid to Stanley Heist. Stanley's hand was crushed when a fierce gust of wind from Hurricane Isabel ripped a car door from his grip and slammed it against his other hand. September 2003

Paul De La Cruz helps board up the windows of Todd Swain's home in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, before Hurricane Isabel arrives.. September 18, 2003

Donna Garvey screws plywood panels over her windows as Kenny Garvey steadies the ladder and talks with Peter Macias of the American Red Cross, who urged them to evacuate to a shelter before Hurricane Isabel hit. September 2003

A Red Cross worker posts Red Cross disaster relief information near Kill Devil Hills in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, which were hit hard by Hurricane Isabel. September 2003

A Red Cross worker surveys a home in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, destroyed by Hurricane Isabel. The tidal surge of nearly 8 feet eroded the sand under many homes, which then collapsed. September 2003

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