December 2000

As long as things are going smoothly, we take so many things for granted... our house will be there when we get home, the plane will land safely, the lights will go on when we flip the switch...and our American Red Cross will always be there.

While we have no control over the first three events, we can promise you this... Weíll be There when you need us.

Itís caring people like you who give us the ability to respond at a momentís notice when Help Canít Wait. The Red Cross is your hand reaching out to others in times of need, whether itís opening a shelter, getting a message to an airman stationed overseas, providing first aid and CPR training, or holding a bloodmobile.

So as the Holiday Season approaches, please add the Milford Chapter to your gift list. That way, when you hear about a disaster like a house fire or a disastrous winter storm youíll know that youíre already helping by giving the Red Cross the means to respond immediately.

Your contribution makes the Red Cross an organization everyone in Milford can believe in and depend on all year-round. And when you join in our work, you can be sure that every dollar you give will be stretched as far as possible.

Your financial support during the holidays is not "something extra" for the Red Cross. It is a vital part of the funds we need in order to carry out our humanitarian mission, conduct community work, and prepare for the future.

Thank you on behalf of all those whose lives are touched by your compassion and generosity. May you and yours have a safe, healthy, and joyous Holiday Season.

Warmest Regards,

Carla C. Hayes
Chapter Chair

PS Just as many local families will be counting on us throughout the upcoming holidays, weíll be counting on you.