"Military Connect" - Free Phone Calls for Troops

The American Red Cross is the beneficiary of a new program offered by Prosidie Interactive that provides phone cards that can be purchased for American military personnel, enabling soldiers to make free calls.  The card can be designated for particular military personnel or be donated to non-specified members.  The military prepaid calling card, sold in $15, $25 or $50 increments, comes with an option to set up a voice mailbox where messages can be left for the military person who is the recipient of the card.

The voice mail messages can be retrieved by phone or via an e-mail account.  "The voice mail feature is a wonderful part of the program," stated Joan Heybruck of the Milford Chapter.  "It is often difficult to reach a military person given time zone differences or duty schedules.  Just image how it will feel for a soldier far away from home to hear a loved one's voice.  This program offers as much comfort to the family as it does the military man or woman."

"Prosodie Interactive's relationship with the Red Cross enables the Red Cross to expand upon its mission of keeping military families together, offers a way for Americans to support our military and also generates revenue for Red Cross chapters," Nicolas Dourassoff, President & CEO of Prosodie Interactive.  The Red Cross received 10% of the proceeds from calling card purchases.

Military Connect is the only card available that allows one to receive voice mails as well as make calls.  Cards can be purchased on-line at www.militaryconnect.org or by calling toll free 1-888-682-7020.  For more information, call the Milford Chapter (203) 874-2531.

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