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Emergency Services

Armed Forces Emergency Services (AFES)

  • Ensure members of the US Armed Forces and their families timely and reliable emergency communications and case management service, 24 hours a day, worldwide.
  • Support members of the US Armed Forces and their families by offering timely and reliable emergency financial assistance.
  • Assist Veterans with transportation to VA hospitals in Connecticut.
  • For more information email: [email protected]

International Emergency Services

  • Aid Americans and foreign nationals by seeking to locate and reunite families separated by war or other causes beyond their control.
  • Serve as a channel for concerned Americans who wish to be of help to refugees and victims of international disaster or conflict, and transmit family messages in such situations when normal communications are not in effect

Emergency Services

  • Maintain a nationwide disaster preparedness program consisting primarily of volunteers to provide rapid response when disaster strikes and to help prevent and minimize human suffering.
  • Give individual families needed emergency help with food, rent, clothing, transportation, medical needs, and selected household furnishings.
  • Provide additional assistance to victims for whom government help is not available.
  • Join with government and other agencies in local and nationwide disaster planning and operations.
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Disaster Classes Offering

Middlesex County Chapter offers several free disaster classes, for detailed information, please call (860) 347-2577 or email [email protected].

Classes include:

  • Introduction to Disaster Services
  • Mass Care
  • Emergency Assistance to Family
  • Shelter Operation

Greater Hartford Chapter also offers free disaster classes, includes:

  • Emergency Assistance to Families II—to enable Red Cross paid and volunteer staff and representatives of other community agencies to meet the emergency needs of families on an individual basis while assigned to a major relief operation.
  • Damage Assessment—to prepare Red Cross paid and volunteer staff to serve as damage assessment workers to obtain and report damage assessment information and provide operational support on disaster operations. Should have a valid driver's license.
  • Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV)—Become familiar with the Red Cross Disaster vehicle.
  • Logistics Inventory Response Vehicle (LIRV)—Become familiar with the Red Cross Disaster vehicle.
  • Shelter Simulation—to provide participants an opportunity to practice the knowledge and skills needed to run a successful shelter operation. *Prerequisite is Mass Care Overview and Shelter Operations.
  • Local Disaster Volunteer (LDV)— Assist Red Cross paid and volunteer staff to prepare for sufficient volunteers in the event of a disaster in the local community, as well as help identify preparedness measures that should take place on the local level and enable them to administer the Local Disaster Volunteer (LDV) function if disaster strikes in the unit’s jurisdiction.
  • Liaison I: Conducting a Community Collaboration—to prepare participants to serve as a liaison to build and maintain a local collaborative process that is designed to enhance the community’s ability to respond to disaster.
  • Community Disaster Education (CDE) –Workshop for Presenters—to prepare you to deliver quality Community Disaster Education presentations by providing you sufficient background information and support. The workshop provides information on ways to overcome disaster denial issues to motivate individual and family disaster preparedness action.
  • Records and Reports—to work within the Records and Reports (R&R;) function in a disaster environment.
  • Administering a Small Disaster Operation (ASDO)— prepares Red Cross paid and volunteer staff to administer a disaster relief operation in which no more that 30 families have been affected and which will be partially or totally funded by the national Disaster Relief Fund.
  • Logistics—to provide basic information about the activities and processes of the Logistics function in support of an American Red Cross disaster relief operation.
  • Logistics Simulation—to provide participants an opportunity to practice the knowledge and skills needed to run a successful logistical operation at their local chapter.

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