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Life Issues:Youth Forums
"A Dialogue Across the Ages"

Life Issues: Youth Forums is a group-mentoring program designed to foster intergenerational communication and learning. Approximately four times a year, the Greenwich Chapter hosts an open discussion with fifteen high school aged individuals and seven adults. A youth facilitator, who is responsible for selecting a topic of discussion prior to the meeting and for recruiting students participants, leads each forum. Most Red Cross Youth Forums focus exclusively on a specific topic or theme -- ranging from first-year college stress to career opportunities in various fields. Staff members at the Greenwich Chapter recruit adult participants who can speak intelligently to the prescribed topic of discussion. These quarterly meetings enable young individuals and adults to exchange ideas in a comfortable, informal enviroment.

Anyone interested in attending a Youth Forum should contact Wilma Boddie-Beaman, Greenwich Chapter Youth Programs Coordinator, or Rob Fluskey, Director of Volunteers.