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Youth in Disaster Services

Itís an exciting time for youth involvement in the American Red Cross.

Because Disaster Services is one of the services American Red Cross chapters MUST provide, we need a diverse, energetic, and competent volunteer force to meet our ever-changing needs.

We invite you to rise to the challenge that Red Cross volunteers face everyday-providing the best service and support possible to victims of disaster.  The Greenwich Chapter responds to approximately 40 disasters each year.  Youth volunteers play an important role in:

Now, the challenge rests with you.

If you would like more information about Emergency & Disaster Services or would like to volunteer, call 203.869.8444 and ask for the Volunteer Office or just click here.









Community Disaster Education
These programs offer youth volunteers the opportunity to present disaster information to elementary school-aged children and special needs groups (elderly, clubs, etc.). This information includes fire safety, bicycle safety, and weather specific safety.  Back to Top

Mass Care Canteen
This program offers youth volunteers the opportunity to work at two work sites during disasters. Both the shelter and headquarters host a canteen for clients and workers (two locations). This position involves managing/processing stock, making it available and counting what is used. Back to Top

Disaster Action Team
This program offers youth volunteers the opportunity to work single family emergencies. Team members will work with an adult supervisor at the disaster site to provide canteen service to emergency workers.  Additionally, they will work with families to help meet emergency disaster-caused needs.  Back to Top

Communications Volunteers
This program offers youth the opportunity to become familiar and work with radio communications at a disaster support site (shelter, warehouse, and family service center) or at the headquarters.  Communications volunteers may also be responsible for training additional staff on the proper use of radio equipment. Back to Top