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Paid Staff & Volunteer Chairs
Management & Finance
Chapter Manager
Rosemary Calderalo, Ph.D, EXT. 111 [email protected]

Director, Finance and Administration
Barbara A. DeGaetani, EXT. 112 [email protected]

Management Support Coordinator
Shawny Hogan-Cirincione, EXT. 113
[email protected]

Emergency & Disaster Services
Chair, Emergency & Disaster Services
Lucia A. Corvino
[email protected], ATTN: Lucia Corvino

Director, Emergency & Disaster Services
Lee Franklin, EXT. 115
[email protected]

Assistant Director of Emergency Services
Tim Wall, EXT. 132
[email protected]oss.org

Financial Development & Public Relations
Director, Development & Public Relations
Heather D. Link, EXT. 121
[email protected]

Development Associate
Dorothy Nins, EXT. 120
[email protected]

Health & Safety Services
Chair, Wendy Blumenthal

[email protected]

Director, Health & Safety
Jody-Lynn M. Breakell, EXT. 122
[email protected]

Assistant Director of Health and Safety
Nanette Lucier, EXT. 123
[email protected]

Workplace Training Coordinator, PT
Jeanne Yusko, EXT. 124
[email protected]

Volunteer Resources
Chair, Volunteer Resources
Diane Davol
[email protected], ATTN: Diane Davol

Director, Volunteer Resources
Melissa McAteer, EXT. 116
[email protected]

Youth Services
Chair, Youth Services
Fred N. Durante, Jr.
[email protected]

Director, Youth Services
Pamela Tinoco, M.A., EXT 133
[email protected]

Youth Affirmation Project Coordinator
Robin Appel, EXT.119
[email protected]

National Rapid Response Corps
Maureen Hopper, EXT. 189
[email protected]

Daniel Monin, EXT. 192
[email protected]

Liza Suh, EXT. 191
[email protected]

Liz Urban, EXT. 195
[email protected]

Ivan Wang, EXT. 194
[email protected]