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Dear Red Cross Supporter:

Albert Schweitzer once said, "The Red Cross is a light in the darkness, and it is the duty of all of us to see that it does not go out." Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, the American Red Cross is ready with hands-on assistance whenever help can't wait! The Greenwich Chapter is dedicated to fulfilling this commitment to the community, whether through direct response or through assistance and training so residents can be ready to respond in their home, social or work lives.

As this annual report before you clearly demonstrates, the Greenwich Chapter of the American Red Cross has had another successful year of service, aiding individuals and families in need. But none of this work would be possible without the support of many generous businesses, organizations and individuals who donate to the chapter throughout the year, or without the energy and dedication of 572 volunteers who spent over 84,000 hours working on Red Cross programs.

In looking back at 1996-97 and its many successes, we are also looking forward:

  • offering more courses in child care, providing training necessary for licensure in Connecticut, reaching more individuals, addressing a serious community need;
  • ensuring preparation to meet the challenges of the new federal legislation naming the Red Cross as lead agency for mental health response in aviation disasters;
  • increasing programming as well as service opportunities to youth in the community;
  • continuing to play an important role in ensuring an adequate blood supply;
  • remaining on the cutting edge of health and safety education for community and workplace needs.

Can you think of any reason why you should not continue to be part of an organization that provides such vital services to our community while planning to serve the needs of tomorrow? We trust that the answer is "no!" We thank you for your past support and commitment and look forward to continuing the partnership that enables us to serve this extraordinary community.

Constance H. Buckley
Chapter Chairman

Rosemary Calderalo
Chapter Manager