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Kids in Crisis: Once a week, A*NRRC goes to the local Kids in Crisis center to cook food for the residents and staff. Kids in Crisis provides both crisis counseling and emergency sheltering for children of all ages. This has proven to be a wonderful opportunity to lift the spirits of those in the most need.

Keeping the Dream Alive: On January 17, A*NRRC traveled to

Manchester, New Hampshire to help celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s

birthday. Over 200 volunteers gathered to do various service projects in

the city. A*NRRC helped paint a local soup kitchen that provides food for

the homeless. Through service to the community, A*NRRC was able to help put Dr. King's dream for America closer to being a reality.

Pegasus: Once a month, A*NRRC participates in a program that aids children and adults with disabilities called Pegasus. Pegasus Therapeutic Riding is a non-profit dedicated to providing therapeutic horseback riding to disabled children and adults. A*NRRC serves as side walkers to aid and assist the people while they are riding. This service helps the rider's physical

mobility as well as their feelings of self-confidence.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss: In cooperation with Reading is Fundamental and the National Education Association, A*NRRC celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday by reading to elementary school children. This provided the team with a chance to help the community and show the children how important reading is.

Christmas in April: This Spring, A*NRRC participated in a town effort to assist those who needed it. This program allows volunteers to work together the last Saturday in April to repair and rehabilitate the houses of low-income homeowners, particularly the elderly and disabled. By cleaning and painting, A*NRRC was able to help enrich and brighten the day of the senior community.