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Adult CPR
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Community CPR
Adult CPR and First Aid Basics
Community First Aid and Safety
First Aid Basics
Connecticut Child Care
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Emergency Response/MRT
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Health & Safety Courses
Place your cursor over a Health & Safety course title to view administration dates and a course description. You can also download a comprehensive schedule in pdf format containing the same information (Adobe Acrobat Reader® required). If you have any questions, or to register for a course, please call the chapter at 203.869.8444.

Course Name Hours Prerequisites Fee
Adult CPR 4 None $40
Infant and Child CPR 6 None $45
Community CPR 7 None $50
Adult CPR and First Aid Basics 7 None $50
Community First Aid and Safety 9 None $75
First Aid Basics 3 None $40
Connecticut Child Care 8-10 None $50
Babysitting 8-10 11-14 yrs old $40
Emergency Response/MRT 44-54 None $150

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