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Emergency & Disaster Services
When a disaster threatens or strikes, Red Cross volunteers provide those affected with the means to meet their immediate human needs.

Last year, the Greenwich Chapter responded to 30 disasters, which had affected a total of 3,077 dwellings.  The chapter opened four shelters and helped 34 families financially to help them recover in their disasterís aftermath.

Additionally, 204 individuals participated in 37 courses for disaster response training.  The chapter distributed 6,591 pieces of literature and 1,290 individuals participated in community disaster education presentations. Locally, the Greenwich Chapter also works to educate the community on international humanitarian law and the needs of victims in affected countries.  410 people participated in educational presentations about international relief efforts.

The chapter also worked with 16 local families to find and help displaced family members.  Through services to military members, 12 veteran and 13 active duty families received emergency assistance, and emergency language translation was provided in 57 situations.