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Disaster Services
The Greenwich Chapterís Disaster Services component responds to disasters such as




or any other situation that causes human suffering or creates human needs that those affected can not alleviate without assistance.

Volunteers play an important role in numerous areas including:

Volunteers also serve in:

If you are interested in volunteering your time to Emergency & Disaster Services, please contact the Volunteer Office at 203.869.8444 or click here





Disaster Action Team
These volunteers respond to local disasters, such as fires, to assess the situation and provide Red Cross services to those affected by the disaster. Disaster Action Team members carry pagers when the Greenwich Chapter is closed (nights and weekends). The Red Cross provides all necessary training free of charge.
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Disaster Services Human Resources (DSHR)
These volunteers become part of the nationwide network to assist during large disaster operations around the country. The Red Cross provides all training and transportation free of charge. back to top

Local Disaster Volunteer
The local disaster volunteer is one who is interested in joining Disaster Services, but does not have a flexible enough schedule to accommodate the demands of being a Disaster Action Team member. Jobs may include: Mass Care, Family Assistance, Damage Assessment, Logistics, and Shelter Management. The Red Cross provides all necessary training free of charge. back to top

Language Bank
Volunteers who represent more than 40 languages act as on-site and telephone translators for people who speak a language other than English.

Required skill: fluency in foreign language as well as English. Must be willing to sign a statement of confidentiality. back to top

Armed Forces
Volunteers take a call schedule for seven days at a time.  They carry a pager and respond to military members and their families when they need emergency messages sent. back to top

International Services
Volunteers provide educational seminars on the role of the American Red Cross in international relief and in tracing and locator services.  Volunteers also have the option to assist with tracing cases and/or to process International Disaster Welfare Inquiries. back to top