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Greenwich Chapter encourages local community to assist Hurricane Charley victims

Monday, August 30, 2004

Greenwich, CT - Initial assessments of the American Red Cross response to Hurricane Charley stand at an estimated $50 million to date, forcing our organization to launch a nationwide fund-raising campaign. In addition to Charley - the first devastating hurricane in what is expected to be a busy season - the Red Cross continues to respond to other national emergencies and hundreds of smaller "silent" disasters every day. While American Red Cross workers, volunteers and supporters work hard to meet the needs of thousands of victims in their darkest hours, the Disaster Relief Fund, the sole resource for disaster response, must maintain a healthy balance. Some figures for Hurricane Charley:

  • 101,744 individuals have received emergency shelter
  • 2,345,440 meals and snacks have been served
  • 23,584 comfort kits including shampoo, conditioner, soap, razor, shaving cream, toothbrush, toothpaste and lotion have been distributed
  • 2,054 Red Cross trained disaster services workers have been activated and deployed to supplement local chapter volunteers in Florida

The American Red Cross, the premiere non-governmental response organization, is there for people whenever and wherever disaster strikes. The Greenwich Chapter looks to our local community - approximately 60,000 people - to support the Disaster Relief Fund that will help us all in times of need. Our mission is to help individuals, families, and communities here and nationwide recover from sudden catastrophes that threaten to break America's resolve.

All American Red Cross disaster assistance is free, made possible by voluntary donations of time and money from the American people. You can help victims of this and other disasters by making a financial gift to the Disaster Relief Fund at the Greenwich Chapter of the American Red Cross, which enables shelter, food, counseling and other assistance to those in need. Call 203.869.8444 to make a contribution over the phone, or send your tax-deductible donation made out to the Disaster Relief Fund to the Greenwich Chapter, 99 Indian Field Road, Greenwich, CT 06830.

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