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Sign up now to give blood at any of the following drives:
Day Date Location Time
Thursday March 22 Saint Mary Parish   11:45a.m.-4:45p.m.
Thursday April 5 Ashforth (SCU/Greenwich Plaza) 12:00p.m.-4:45p.m.
Saturday April 21 Second Congregational Church 8:30a.m.-1:15p.m.
Friday April 27 Brunswick Upper School 1:00p.m.-5:45p.m.
Tuesday May 1 Saint Catherine of Siena 1:45p.m.-6:00p.m.
Friday May 11 Greenwich High School 8:15a.m.-12:30p.m.
Friday May 18 Saint Mary Parish 11:45a.m.-4:45p.m.
Tuesday June 5 UST/Knights of Columbus 10:00a.m.-2:45p.m.
Saturday June 16 Second Congregational Church 8:30a.m.-1:15p.m.

Half the nation’s blood supply – six million pints annually – is collected by the American Red Cross.  If you’re in good health, at least 18 years old, and weigh at least 110 pounds you can donate blood as often as every 56 days.

We strongly encourage you to make an advance donation appointment.  You can do so by completing the form below or you can contact Greenwich Chapter staff by phone at 203.869.8444.  All dates and times in the blood schedule are subject to change.  Please allow at least one hour for each donation.




ABO type and Rh factor percentages in the U.S. population:

38% O+
7% O-
34% A+
6% A-
9% B+
2% B-
3% AB+
1% AB-

Make Your Blood Donation Appointment Online

Please complete the form below to make a blood donation appointment.  We will notify you by email or telephone as soon as we process your appointment request.

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