September 11 Disaster Response

Over the past three months, both locally and nationally, the American Red Cross has been providing a wide variety of services to those in need in the wake of the September 11 tragedies. The American Red Cross was the first on the scene at the disaster sites on September 11 and will be, as we always are, the last to leave.

The Red Cross is currently working with over 31,000 families across the country, and has committed over $500 million dollars to the September 11 relief effort more than any other relief agency. Services funded by the generosity of the public include: cash assistance to families who have lost loved ones and those unemployed or displaced, 24 hour respite centers near Ground Zero for families and emergency responders, health and mental health support, crisis counseling and hotlines for those seeking aid and information.

Locally, the Greenwich Chapter remained staffed 24 hours a day for nearly 2 weeks after the attacks. Within hours, we implemented a community support center staffed with mental health professionals and family caseworkers. Our mental heath teams have made over 500 contacts with families and individuals needing assistance in the wake of this tragedy, and dozens of families directly affected by these disasters. Those who have lost loved ones are receiving financial assistance to help them through the coming months.

While mobilizing relief efforts in the wake of the September 11 attacks, the Red Cross continues to provide the Greenwich community with the many day-to-day services you have come to expect. Whether responding to a house fire, instructing members of our community in CPR and First Aid, helping to supply area hospitals with life-saving blood, or providing free transportation to and from medical appointments for Greenwich residents, your local Red Cross remains committed to providing the best possible services.