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Red Cross to Offer Streamlined “Citizen CPR” Training
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Paul Shipman
February 16, 2011
FARMINGTON, CONN., February 16, 2011 – The American Red Cross now offers Citizen CPR training, a brief course in providing hands-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to victims of cardiac arrest. The training is brief, affordable and designed to provide basic skills to people who may find themselves bystanders when someone suffers a cardiac emergency.
The American Red Cross Connecticut Region is offering this training at locations across the state beginning in March.
“Citizen CPR is designed to help the average person feel more comfortable responding in an emergency,” said American Red Cross Connecticut Region spokesperson Paul Shipman. “National reports show that less than 3 percent of Americans are formally trained in First Aid and CPR each year. Citizen CPR is an easy and convenient way for more Americans to learn the most basic skills with which they might save a life.”
Shipman said the course will be offered in locations across Connecticut. The course is 30 minutes in length and the cost is $15 per participant. Course registration is available by visiting www.ctredcross.org and clicking on “Take a Class” or by calling 1-877-287-3327 and selecting menu option 2.
Shipman said Citizen CPR does not replace American Red Cross CPR training. “We still believe that training in full CPR, use of an AED and basic First Aid are the best way to be prepared, but we recognize that many people will benefit from this basic level of skills training.” Shipman said the Red Cross continues to provide comprehensive CPR training for individuals and organizations. “There are many people who are required as a qualification for work to have training and certification in CPR, AED operation and First Aid. We are here to provide that training.”
Hands-Only Citizen CPR training and other Red Cross health and safety training, such as Babysitter’s Training, Connecticut Child Care, Pet First Aid and Aquatics are available through the American Red Cross Connecticut Region. Course information and schedules are available online at www.ctredcross.org or by calling 1-877-287-3327 and choosing menu option 2.