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The American Red Cross Connecticut Chapter

Red Cross Supporting Storm-Related Shelters in Bristol, Westport

Paul Shipman
July 21, 2010
Severe Weather Safety Tips
The American Red Cross is supporting storm-related shelters in Bristol, at the Chippens Hill Middle School at 551 Peacedale Street, and in Westport, at the Westport Senior Center at 21 Imperial Avenue in Westport. Residents in both communities are dealing with significant storm-caused power outages.

The Red Cross has been reaching out to municipalities across the state since late afternoon, when severe storms began rolling into Connecticut, causing damage in some communities.

“We are working with communities who request our help in dealing with the storm and are in contact with the State Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security to share information and support needs as requested,” said American Red Cross Connecticut Chapter spokesperson Paul Shipman.

Shipman reminded people to use caution when traveling if they encounter downed trees, standing water or downed power lines. “You never know what is running under the surface of standing water. Even if it seems shallow or calm, it could hide other hazards.” Shipman said people should assume any downed power line is live and dangerous. “Stay away from downed power lines. If you have access to a telephone, call your utility provider to report a line down.”

With the possibility for more severe weather through the evening in some portions of the state, Shipman urged people to keep up with weather reports and to review Red Cross safety tips for tornados, thunderstorms and power outages. “Some review now can save lots of time and trouble later.”

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