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The American Red Cross Connecticut Chapter
Fitness Swimming
Cost: $60.00 | Length: 5 Hours | 


To refine strokes so participants swim them with more ease, efficiency, power and smoothness and over greater distances


Learning Objectives


�� Increase endurance while swimming the following strokes:

                Front crawl–100 yards

                Back crawl–100 yards

                Butterfly–50 yards

                Elementary backstroke–50 yards

                Breaststroke–50 yards

                Sidestroke–50 yards


�� Demonstrate the following turns while swimming:

                Front crawl open turn

                Backstroke open turn

                Sidestroke turn

                Front flip turn

                Backstroke flip turn

                Breaststroke turn

                Butterfly turn


�� Demonstrate etiquette in fitness swimming


�� Discuss and demonstrate how to use the following equipment while swimming:

                Pull buoy


                Pace clock



�� Describe the principles of setting up a fitness program


�� Demonstrate various training techniques


�� Calculate target heart rate


�� Apply the principles of water exercise



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